GMO De-oil Soya Lecithin


    de-oil soya lecithin

    De-oil  Soya Lecithin

    Our experts focus on Lecithin & Phospholipid !



    De-oil soya lecithin is made from concentrate soya lecithin. After dewaxing, decluth, drying, disperse, the concentrate soya lecithin is  made into powder and showing the yellow or yellow-brown colour. The main components are lecithin, cephalin and lipositol etc. 

     Specification :

    Acetone Insoluble (%)                              ≥97.0

    Moisture & Volatile (%)                            ≤1.0

    Peroxide Value (meq/kg)                          ≤10

    Acid Value (mgKOH/g)                             ≤30

    Hexane Insoluble (%)                                 ≤1.0

    Gardner Color                                           ≤16

    Apperance : Dark yellow, powder               Standard : SB/T10206-94

     Quatation :

    Packing : 5kg/bag; 25kg/drum;8.6mt/fcl.                                 MOQ : 100kg.

    Date of Delivery : 15 days.                                              Validity of the Price : 30 days.

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