GMO Concentrate Soya Lecithin

     concentrate soya lecithin

      GMO Concentrate Soya Lecithin

    Our experts focus on Lecithin & Phospholipid !



    Lecithin is a matural product with emulsifying as well as dispersing properties and significantly improves the quality characteristics of a multitude of food and non food products in many ways.

    Today’s fluid lecithin products are valuable natural processing aids in mainfold food preperation and a wide range of industrial applications. Their surface-active, synergistically water friendly(hydrophilic) and lipid friendly (lipophilic) properties help materials to mix easily, aviod separation and achieve atable blends and act as emulsifier, dispersant, stabilizer, wetting agent, antioxidant and adds valuble as a synergistic nutritional ingredient.

    Specification :

    Acetone Insoluble (%)                              ≥60.0

    Moisture & Volatile (%)                            ≤1.0

    Peroxide Value (meq/kg)                          ≤10

    Viscosity (cp,25℃)                                  ≤15000

    Acid Value (mgKOH/g)                             ≤30

    Gardner Color                                           ≤17

    Apperance : Brown, Liquid               Standard : SB/T10206-94

     Quatation :

    Packing : 200kg/drum; 19.6mt/fcl.                                   MOQ : 1 mt.

    Date of Delivery : 15 days.                                              Validity of the Price : 30 days.

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